Who can use WeIntervene?

We find it beneficial for school personnel who are responsible for collaboration with outside organizations and who are in charge of the development of all students. Most of the time this will be the school counselor.

What does WeIntervene give me?

  • List of services online and in-person that is easily accessible to students
  • Searching capabilities to find the organization of best fit for students and their needs
  • Easy retrieval of favorite organizations.

Counselors: How can WeIntervene help me?

  • We can change your pdf or word document to an updated list of resources
  • We can keep your service provider list up-to-date
  • We can keep track of the services your shared with others and when you shared it
  • We can send opportunities to others via text or email

School Administrators: How can WeIntervene help me?

  • Real time numbers on services recommended the most
  • Web services that meets Federal Budgetary Requirements to help all students succeed
  • Representatives to help create the most cost effective program to target the needs of the student population.

Who is eligible to use WeIntervene?

School Counselors

  • Find services that meets the needs of your students
  • Search through our database of services
  • Upload your own list of services
  • Have a My list section to easily use your most frequent providers again
  • Email/Text/Print providers info to students & families
  • Remember who and when you share a service with students & family members

School Administrators

  • Identify services that are most needed in your school
  • Allocate funds to after-school and enrichment activities that students need

District Administrators

  • Identify schools that will need additional monies for specific support services